The Good Life, a New RPG From Yukio Futatsugi, Has Been Released

The Good Life, a New RPG From Yukio Futatsugi, Has Been Released
By Solo Wing

White Owls' The Good Life releases, with development from Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi's company Grounding Inc.

The Good Life is new RPG that was crowd funded on Kickstarter and has just been released. Those of us who backed The Good Life on Kickstarter have received our digital codes. I’ve had the chance to sit down and play the game for a couple of hours.

As we previously reported, Panzer Dragoon Saga director Yukio Futatsugi was involved in the development of The Good Life, with his development studio Grounding handling the production work. While it has a different tone from Panzer Dragoon series, The Good Life parallels Panzer Dragoon Saga’s Zoah in that it takes place a small town where every NPC has a unique name and personality. Yukio Futatsugi previously said he hopes to recapture the magic of older games, where a new game would always bring a brand new experience and excitement with regard to what would happen next. So far, The Good Life has done a great job of capturing that feeling. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of Rainy Woods and the creativity that the minds behind this game have to offer.

The Good Life is available on Steam, Xbox, the PlayStation Store, and Switch.