The Good Life Campaign Relaunched on Kickstarter

The Good Life Campaign Relaunched on Kickstarter
By Solo Wing

Back in September last year we posted an article about Yukio Futatsugi’s latest project, The Good Life which was being crowd funded on Fig. Unfortunately the campaign did not reach it’s funding goal, but now Futatsugi and SWERY are making a second attempt on the more well known Kickstarter platform.

Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi writes about how he aims to make some of the magic found in older games return with The Good Life:

A long time ago, I used to believe that games had magic in them. A new game always brought me a brand new experience, and excitement as to what would happen next. Crazy things would happen, and it felt really like I had fallen under some sort of spell. But lately, the risks involved in creating new games have gotten more and more extreme, and it’s becoming harder and harder to make magic games. SWERY and I want to bring that magic back - but we need to borrow a little mana from you in order to summon it. We want to show the world a kind of magic it’s never seen.

If The Good Life looks like it might appeal to you, or you want to support Yukio Futatsugi’s vision, you can back the project on Kickstarter.