Yukio Futatsugi's New Project, The Good Life

Yukio Futatsugi's New Project, The Good Life
By Solo Wing

In collaboration with White Owls and Camouflaj, Yukio Futatsugi’s development studio Grounding is crowd funding a new RPG called The Good Life. For this project, the creative and artistic direction is being handled by White Owls, with Grounding doing the production work.

A video clip has also been released where Futatsugi talks about The Good Life:

Marketed as a “Debt Repayment Life Simulation RPG”, The Good Life will take place in an RPG style town. “Each character has a unique personality and lives out a unique life” which is consistent Futatsugi’s approach to Panzer Dragoon Saga’s Zoah: depth over breadth.

You can visit campaign page over on Fig for more information and also invest in the project. If The Good Life is funded, delivery is expected for Q3 2019 for PC and Playstation 4.