New Images of Azel Resurrection Appear With a Cryptic Message, Hinting at This Being a Fan Work

New Images of Azel Resurrection Appear With a Cryptic Message, Hinting at This Being a Fan Work
By Draikin

New images of the supposed Panzer Dragoon Saga remake "Azel Resurrection" were posted again on 4chan, and thanks to Simon Gibbs we now know the contents of the message hidden in the artwork.

After the previous two supposed leaks, a new batch of “Azel Resurrection” images was recently posted on 4chan. The images reveal more artwork similar to the ones posted before. The quality of the artwork, some of it looking like it may be based on 3D renders, is undoubtedly high. Enough so that they actually resemble promotional or teaser artwork more so than concept art used during a game’s development, which often consists of sketches and usually don’t have this amount of polish.

Azel Resurrection - Assault Class Azel Resurrection - Spiritual Class Azel Resurrection - Armada Imperial Azel Resurrection - Crests Dragon

Another curious inclusion is a large amount of text, most of it written in a weird alphabet. It seems whoever made this artwork was trying to get people to decipher their message. On Twitter, Simon Gibbs accepted the challenge to decipher the alphabet and published the details and a partial translation to the community in this tweet. In a further discussion via DM on Twitter, we then exchanged our findings to complete the translation of the entire message. This is what it reads (be advised that it spoils a major plot twist in Panzer Dragoon Saga, so don’t read it or the next paragraph if that’s a concern to you):

Azel Resurrection - Divine Dragon

Rumor or truth? …is it really what matters? Everything you’re searching for is already within you. Base your happiness on factors that can’t be controlled. And your life will be filled with unmet expectations. Or… are you asking yourself the right questions? Why do you wish to believe when you can’t believe what you see? What does this contradiction means (sic) to yourself? Nothing really. Why? Because you forgot that you were the Divine Visitor. That without you, Edge wouldn’t have found the Light. That without you , you wouldn’t have given humans control over their own destiny. Realize that everything you’re searching for outside of you is already within you. That you have, Divine One, the free will over your choices and beliefs…

The start of the text seems to allude to whether or not the leaks are genuine, and then asks if that question really matters. What follows is a philosophical message, which also references the ending of Panzer Dragoon Saga and the role of the Divine Visitor (which in a major plot twist and 4th wall breaking moment turned out to be you, the player). That said, I must admit the meaning of the message is lost on me. Simon also learned that the message underneath the “Author” section suggests the author’s name is one of Loki’s sons (Fenrir, Hel, or Jormungandr).

Lastly, the page with the Dragon Crests art also has the title “Book of Genesis”, which of course seemed like a reference to Panzer Dragoon Saga’s Book of Genesis. And sure enough, it turns out the text in the artwork originates from the book. All this seems to paint the image of a fan trying to generate interest for a remake. But regardless of how this develops, the quality of the art is without a doubt excellent.