Bible 1 (The Book of Genesis)

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.


In the beginning, the world was with the Gods. People basked in the Gods’ glory. Everything was at peace.


At the dawn of Genesis, the Gods created humans. The Gods decided the humans would create their own world. To enable such weak beings to complete such a task, all of the knowledge of the Gods was placed into the souls of humans.


During Genesis, people created the world. Using Tools and Fire from the Gods, the humans built and shaped their own world.


Everything we see with our eyes, with one lone exception, was created in this time. Water, plants, and beasts, became provisions for humans. The ruins were homes for Gods and humans. Monsters were servants of people.


At the Dusk of Genesis, people began to fight one another. From their fear of the darkness, they were driven mad. From their madness, they learned murder.


At this time, the knowledge of the Gods was used to create weapons. The Gods’ fire burned the earth, the Gods’ tools ended life, and the monsters were taught to devour human flesh.


At the Dusk of Genesis, the Gods lost all hope for the people. The Gods left the human world. As did the Gods’ knowledge. The humans were left behind without the ability to create, but still had the power to destroy.


Water, plants, and beasts disappeared, the ruins closed their doors, only the monsters remained to feed. And thus, the Gods have left the humans. We were a part of the Gods’ glory, but now there is only chaos.