Solo Wing's Literature

The Mystery of Abadd's Masters

It was too late for his Ancient masters, and because of this we may never know who the Ancients actually were. What horrors would have been unleashed if they had returned?

The Mystery of Dragon Crests

Throughout the Panzer Dragoon world a variety of dragon crests can be found hidden in ruins and secret locations. However the reason for their existence still remains a complete mystery.

The Mystery of that Huge Gaping Hole

The Fallen Ground is home to more than the skeletal remains of an Ancient city. Wars of unimaginable destruction have cut deep into the land and left a permanent scar behind revealing long buried secrets below the surface.

The Mystery of the Ancient Rebels

The Ancients who constructed the Towers didn't build them without any opposition. The question is: what was the extent of this opposition's involvement in the collapse of the Ancient Age. Perhaps these mysterious rebels did their best to prevent it.

The Mystery of the Light Wing Project

Long ago the Ancients designed the ultimate form of dragon, but all of a sudden all records of its existence were ordered to be wiped from history. There were certainly people in the Ancient Age who knew more than we do.

The Sleeping Monolith

The site's founder writes a poem about how he perceives the Tower on the island near Uru. The poem also covers the appearance of the towers from the other Panzer games.

The Story of Drone F07

A piece of Panzer Dragoon Saga fan fiction. It is based around the story of an Azel prototype who awakes in the underground labs of Uru. (complete)

Wedged Gun Theory

Orta's gun had to have come from somewhere. This theory entertains the possibility that the dragon himself brought the gun to Orta's aid, wedged against his back.

Zoah Bible Theory

If the Ancients were the gods mentioned in the books of Zoah, then our eyes have been opened to much of the truth regarding the downfall of the lost civilisation. This theory goes step by step through the books in an attempt to uncover the truth.