Announcing a New Moderation Team for the Community

Announcing a New Moderation Team for the Community
By Solo Wing

Recently we added some new rules and moderators to the Panzer Dragoon Legacy community. Here's a summary of the changes that have been made.

Every long running community goes through changes over time, and Panzer Dragoon Legacy is no exception. Our community, descended from a humble Yahoo! Club, has been managed by this site since 2003, and over that time members and come and gone.

First, I’d like to thank Admiral Craymen for their valued contributions as a admin of our website, social media, and community. He recently stepped down from this role, but we continue to be grateful for the daily updates that he posted from 2020 to 2024.

Second, I’d like to announce a new group of moderators for our community. Gantann, Bill S, and The Lunatic Wing (aka Azure Paragon) join Skiad Ops Retro as active moderators of our Discord, along with an updated set of server rules. Draikin and I discussed what we wanted to see improve in the community and agreed that we didn’t want Panzer Dragoon Legacy to be a place where toxicity festers, as is unfortunately present in much of video game fandom. Our new moderation team is here to help ensure that Panzer Dragoon Legacy is a welcoming and inclusive community.

If you haven’t joined yet, our Discord community is a great place to discuss the series with other Panzer Dragoon fans. We also have members who have worked on the Panzer Dragoon games themselves, for example Monika Ginter (Forever Entertainment’s community and marketing manager), posted in March the following update relating to the development of the much-anticipated Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake:

Yeah we can’t post a lot of WIPs but as soon as all party involved are happy we’ll show more, the game certainly exists and yes I’ve played it. :)”

I’ve also accessed the usage of our long running forum and the value that it adds to the community. While usage has reduced compared to Discord, I’ve been convinced that the Panzer Dragoon community finds significant value in having an independently run discussion forum in addition to Discord. We’ll be keeping the forum, supported by our Patreon members. A complete list of the channels that we run, including the community wiki and Steam group, are available on our Linktree.