The Will of the Ancients Version 1 (June 2002)

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The Will of the Ancients Version 1 (June 2002)

A screenshot of the first version of The Will of the Ancients. Designed by Solo Wing, the colour scheme is very similar to his former website, Azel Online, and acted as a continuation of that project.

The Will of the Ancients Version 1 in the Internet Archive.

The idea behind this website began just after the start of the new millennium. Having been a fan of the Panzer Dragoon series since Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, Solo Wing decided to make a tribute to his favourite video game series (especially the RPG, Panzer Dragoon Saga). In the year 2000 he launched the Panzer Dragoon fansite, Azel Online, which was hosted on Yahoo! Geocities. Azel Online started as simple webpage consisting of links to reviews of the Panzer Dragoon games but over time it grew into one of the main English Panzer Dragoon websites.

Azel Online stood apart from other fan sites at the time due to its selection of fan fiction and texts from the games. However with the announcement of Panzer Dragoon Orta it was time for a new look and some fresh content. The site was relaunched in June 2002 as The Will of the Ancients, retaining Azel Online’s black and purple colour scheme but with a new look and a replacement of the simple page of links with a proper side menu for navigating the site.

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