Wildman Confirms Hijacking of the Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Twitter Account

Wildman Confirms Hijacking of the Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Twitter Account
By Solo Wing

Wildman has confirmed that the @PanzerDragoonVR Twitter account was compromised on October 5, 2021, and that the Metropolitan Police Department has been asked to investigate.

In October 2021, the Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Twitter account posted a tweet that the game had been cancelled due to the death of Haruto Watanabe (aka Wildman). The post was quickly deleted, and reports from Wildman’s friends confirmed that he was okay, but it left some questions regarding what had happened. Now Haruto Watanabe, posting from his personal Twitter account, has spoken out about the incident (Google translation):

Regarding the case of hijacking the official Twitter account of the game operated by Wildman Co., Ltd. that occurred on October 5, we are currently requesting the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate, so we cannot tell you the details at this time.

This is the reason why we did not report the details on Twitter on the day, but due to the above, it is a request from the person in charge on the SEGA SAMMY HD side.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this matter.

We’re certainly glad that Wildman is back. While no new details about Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record have been announced, Wildman also posted a link to an article announcing that on March 31, Nex Group acquired 4,411 shares in Wildman Inc, giving them 37.36% of voting rights in the company. Nex Group intends to work with Wildman to gather information on services and conditions relating to the Metaverse field, along with their digital content business, including the joint development of new products that utilise the cryptographic asset Nexcoin (NCXC).