The Status of the Limited Run Games Panzer Dragoon: Remake Release

The Status of the Limited Run Games Panzer Dragoon: Remake Release
By Solo Wing

Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst from Limited Run Games have provided some updates on the status of the physical editions of Panzer Dragoon: Remake.

Replying to a question on Twitter, Douglas Bogart from Limited Run Games provided an update on the release:

Panzer Dragoon had some issues on the backend that we were waiting on the developers to address before we could even get it on our account. It should be close to resolved now.

There was also a response to a question from Josh Fairhurst of Limited Run Games to a similar question:

If you bought Streets of Rage with Panzer Dragoon, your hold up is due to Panzer Dragoon and not Streets of Rage because we had to wait to include an important patch with Panzer Dragoon. We can only ship an order once all items in the order are in hand and ready to ship.

As previously confirmed by Forever Entertainment, the v1.3 patch will be included with the Limited Run Games release. This was a large and important patch for the game. We also know that a v1.4 patch is on the way, but it is unclear if it will be included with the physical release.

I’ve personally adopted a minimalist approach to game collecting and won’t be receiving either physical edition. But I’m certainly looking forward to seeing all of your photos once the game arrives.