Saori Kobayashi Plays Panzer Dragoon Music At Archipel Caravan 2023

Saori Kobayashi Plays Panzer Dragoon Music At Archipel Caravan 2023
By Solo Wing

Some conversation on social media discusses Saori Kobayashi's presence at Archipel Caravan 2023 such as the particular Panzer Dragoon music that she played.

As previously mentioned, Saori Kobayashi played a session at Archipel Caravan 2023 in Tokyo on December 16th. Yosuke Okunari, creative producer at SEGA, has shared a post on X confirming the music that she played (DeepL translation):

So far, we have OP from AZEL, Atrum Dragon, Zoa (in the back), Mutant 1, Caravan, Sona mi, and anu orta from Orta.

These would be Atolm’s theme/Atolm Dragon, one or both of the Zoah themes, the first mutated enemy theme/Mutation 1, the Caravan theme/Nomad, Sona mi areru ec sancitu (Panzer Dragoon Saga’s ending song) and Anu Orta Veniya (Panzer Dragoon Orta’s ending song).

We also have some news from Sega of Japan composer Takenobu Mitsuyoshi who announced a live broadcast with Saori Kobayashi from Archipel Caravan 2023. This recording is available on X, although it is all Japanese-language audio.

Saori Kobayashi also made a post about it on her blog and added some photos from the event on her Facebook page with the following message:

Thank you for coming the show! Archipel Caravan live went off without a hitch! Thank you so much to everyone who came. The first collaboration with Mitsukoshi was so much fun! I’m so glad to know that personally I’m a worse-eyed person than I thought he was! Live is good after all. I want to do it again. It’s been a good end to the year 😄

I also noticed that Saori Kobayashi herself recently joined X. While her account is unverified, we can assume it’s real based on her followers who include Brave Wave Productions, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, and Alex Aniel.