Prototype Versions of Panzer Dragoon Episodes

Prototype Versions of Panzer Dragoon Episodes
By Bo

Guest writer Bo has examined two Panzer Dragoon demo discs, noting some significant differences, and has succeeded in unlocking prototypes of other episodes via patches!

I’ve been looking into Saturn demo discs recently, and found that Panzer Dragoon Demo-you Hibaihin and Panzer Dragoon Taikenban Hibaihin had some hidden secrets.

Normally both discs let you play through Episode 2 of the original Panzer Dragoon. But the first disc also has data for Episode 1 on it, and the second has data for both Episodes 1 and 3. After some analysis, I figured out how to make the extra episodes playable.

The details are on my website, which has patches or Action Replay codes that allow you to play along. There are also side-by-side comparison videos.

The coolest differences between these prerelease versions of the game and the final version are with the bosses: the earlier demo’s Episode 1 boss has a second phase! The later demo’s Episode 3 boss is visibly unfinished.

I’d love it if people could see how this game evolved, and am happy to contribute the screenshots, Action Replay codes, patches, and videos for use on this site. Cheers!