Panzer Dragoon Legacy's Community is 20 Years Old

Panzer Dragoon Legacy's Community is 20 Years Old
By Solo Wing

It has been twenty years since we started hosting a forum for the Panzer Dragoon community and there are no plans to close it down anytime soon!

On July 3rd, 2003, I wrote the first post on Panzer Dragoon Legacy’s forum. What started out as a phpBB forum, was later migrated to Discourse, but it’s all part of one continuous series of topics going back twenty years. An archive of Panzer Dragoon discussion that is fully accessible via the public Internet.

To mark the occasion, I’ve updated the History of the Panzer Dragoon Community article to cover the events since 2015.

In a time when popular discussion platforms such as Reddit and Twitter are becoming increasingly closed off, I believe we’ve made the right to decision to continue hosting an independent discussion forum for the Panzer Dragoon community. And while much of the Panzer Dragoon discussion has moved to Discord, the forum continues play an important role in long form discussion topics that take place over weeks, months, or even years. With the success of our Patreon that I launched last year, there’s no reason why the forum cannot continue indefinitely so long as Panzer Dragoon fans retain interest.