Orta's Dragon to Appear in Worlds Unite

Orta's Dragon to Appear in Worlds Unite
By Solo Wing

We have some actual Panzer Dragoon news, people! The Dragon from our beloved Panzer Dragoon series will be appearing in the upcoming Sega/Capcom crossover comic series Worlds Unite.

Worlds Unite Promo Picture

More details can be found at SegaNerds:

The full list of characters from the SEGA and Capcom crossover comic book series World’s Unite have been revealed.

Vyse, from (Skies of Arcadia) and Orta’s Dragon (Panzer Dragoon) are the new characters from SEGA’s side, while Ryu (Street Fighter) and Chaotic Gore Magala (Monster Hunter) are the last Capcom characters joining the frey.

It’s nice to see that the Panzer Dragoon series has not been forgotten. You can read more about Worlds Unite in this Polygon article.