Looking Back at Panzer Dragoon Legacy in 2022

Looking Back at Panzer Dragoon Legacy in 2022
By Solo Wing

Solo Wing takes a brief look back on what was accomplished with Panzer Dragoon Legacy in 2022 and what the future holds.

Happy New Year everyone. This last year has been a slow one for Panzer Dragoon fans, with the two expected titles, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake and Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record, postponed until unknown new release dates (contrary to popular belief, neither game has been cancelled). While we await these titles, I’ve been enjoying Air Twister (pictured), a modern rail shooter from Yu Suzuki that would have been right at home on the Sega Saturn. I think Panzer Dragoon fans should give Air Twister a try.

It’s worth pointing out again that 2022 contained some big changes for Panzer Dragoon Legacy, with a new redesigned website aimed at smartphone and tablet users launching in June on the same day as the site’s 20th anniversary. Since then I’ve iterated on the design, and updated the forum’s colour scheme and logo to match (screenshots archived here and here for historical purposes).

In 2022 we also joined Mastodon, a decentralised alternative to Twitter that has quickly gained traction. We’ve already reached 150 followers and it can be expected that these numbers will continue to grow.

We also joined Patreon in an effort to make hosting the website community sustained. We haven’t quite reached that goal, but we do have over half of the costs covered. Hopefully we’ll see more supporters in the future.

I’ve now got the site to a state where I’m happy to leave it for a while. 2023 is intended to be a year where I shift my attention elsewhere, although I’ll be back in focus once we start to learn more about Zwei Remake. Our main social media admin, Admiral Craymen, continues to do a fantastic job posting contributions to the site and our social media channels daily. And if you’d like to help improve the website further yourself, please get in touch on the community Discord server.