Introducing the Panzer Dragoon Steam Group

Introducing the Panzer Dragoon Steam Group
By Solo Wing

Today we're announcing the Panzer Dragoon Steam group, a place to network with other PC gamers who are also fans of Panzer Dragoon, in collaboration with Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis.

Recently we set up a new Panzer Dragoon group on Steam. While consoles are popular among fans of the series, we know that a lot of Panzer Dragoon fans are also PC gamers. The Panzer Dragoon group is intended to be the definitive place for fans to network with other players on Steam, the largest PC gaming platform.

Join the new Panzer Dragoon Steam group.

Supported by a wider network of fan sites such as Panzer Dragoon Wiki and Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis (thanks Legaiaflame for the image displayed here), the Panzer Dragoon Steam group is collaborative effort to create an inclusive group for all fans of Panzer Dragoon who are also into PC gaming.

Note, in 2015 we previously set up a Panzer Dragoon Legacy branded group on Steam. However, this group was not directly related to our website, Discord, or social media channels, so replacing it with a general Panzer Dragoon group makes a lot more sense. We’ll be promoting the Panzer Dragoon Steam group from here on out.