Introducing Panzer Dragoon Wiki, the New Community Run Panzer Dragoon Encyclopaedia

Introducing Panzer Dragoon Wiki, the New Community Run Panzer Dragoon Encyclopaedia
By Solo Wing

Panzer Dragoon Wiki replaces Panzer Dragoon Legacy's encyclopaedia as the community knowledge-base. Explore over 250 pages of lore and product information in a Panzer Dragoon wiki that anyone can edit!

For a long time, Panzer Dragoon Legacy has contained the largest fan encyclopaedia of the Panzer Dragoon world. Today we’re officially discontinuing our encyclopaedia in favour of the wiki hosted on Fandom.

The wiki has been around since 2008 (it was previously known as “Panzer Dragoon Wikia”), but was in bad shape, with a limited number of pages, spam and with no moderation. This was until recently when Multibrawlr adopted the wiki and started the process of cleaning it up, rebranding it as “Panzer Dragoon Wiki”. While new to Panzer Dragoon, Multibrawlr has extensive wiki experience as an admin of The Wiki of the Dead, the House of the Dead community wiki.

I saw Multibrawlr’s effort and decided that, given the small size of the community, it would be better to consolidate our efforts around a single Panzer Dragoon wiki. I’ve ported over all of the pages not only from Panzer Dragoon Legacy’s encyclopaedia, but also the Panzer Dragoon secrets pages that Lance Way and I created. While Panzer Dragoon Wiki is a seperate project from Panzer Dragoon Legacy, it is very much a continuation of what we’ve built up here. The way I see it, it is sometimes better to go where the community is, rather than trying to host everything yourself. Fandom is where most of the other gaming wikis are. There’s also a case to be made for more variety in the Panzer Dragoon fandom, and I think Panzer Dragoon Wiki being operated as seperate project is a step in that direction.

Panzer Dragoon Wiki now has a solid content base for improvement. But there’s still much to be done to improve things - text to refine, images to upload, and citations to add in order to give the wiki more credibility. We need your help with these improvements. Since it’s a wiki, anyone can make edits, however small, or you can create all new pages, for example for new and upcoming Panzer Dragoon products. All you need is a Fandom account to start contributing.