Introducing "Dark Mode" For Panzer Dragoon Wiki

Introducing "Dark Mode" For Panzer Dragoon Wiki
By Solo Wing

Panzer Dragoon Wiki continues to improve with the addition of Dark Mode, based on colours from Panzer Dragoon Saga's pause menu and the logo of the original Panzer Dragoon.

Recently Fandom switched their wikis over to the new Fandom Desktop layout. This comes with a number of improvements, in particular “Dark Mode” which allows visitors to view existing wiki content on a dark background with light text (as opposed to dark text on a light background). Until this week, Panzer Dragoon Wiki was using default colours provided by Fandom for Dark Mode. I spent a few hours tweaking the design of both modes and this is the result:

Panzer Dragoon Wiki - Light Mode (December 2021) Panzer Dragoon Wiki - Dark Mode (December 2021)

Dark Mode uses browns and greys from Panzer Dragoon Saga’s pause menu for the background colours, while the yellow link text is taken from the logo of the original Panzer Dragoon.

While it is great to improve the visual appearance of Panzer Dragoon Wiki, we need contributions more. Unfortunately Multibrawlr decided to leave the project (and Panzer Dragoon Legacy) earlier this year and other contributions have slowed. Nevertheless, I want to continue to support any efforts to improve the project. Even though we’re running the wiki under the Panzer Dragoon Legacy organisation, no one owns the content on the wiki; all of the text is available under a Creative Commons license, and thus can be considered the community’s knowledge-base for the series. If you’d like help improve the wiki but don’t know where to start, please get in touch on our Discord.