Futatsugi Says Rail Shooters and VR Are Very Compatible

Futatsugi Says Rail Shooters and VR Are Very Compatible
By Solo Wing

Famitsu recently interviewed Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi. Although the Google translation of the interview is rough, his comments about Panzer Dragoon and VR can be interpreted as follows:

  • He thinks rail shooters and VR are very compatible.
  • He says that although rail shooters are an old game style, we are currently at the dawn of VR, so the genre is a good match.
  • He thinks the combination of rail shooter and VR present in Rez Infinite is very good.
  • He thinks that when you play a VR rail shooter, the immersive feeling it creates makes us forget that it is an old game style.
  • He thinks that if someone made a VR version of Panzer Dragoon, it would be fun.
  • He is thinking of making a VR rail shooter.

Of course, Futatsugi’s development studio Grounding Inc doesn’t own the rights to Panzer Dragoon (or Crimson Dragon), so any VR rail shooter than he made would likely be a new IP. Unless Sega or Microsoft allow him to use their intellectual property for the new VR shooter.