Custom Panzer Dragoon Saga Wall Scroll

 Custom Panzer Dragoon Saga Wall Scroll
By Legaiaflame

With the limited amount of official Panzer Dragoon merchandise/collectibles, sometimes the fans have to take it upon themselves to create new items. There are many examples of this ranging from: Panzer Dragoon coffee mugs, Panzer Dragoon key chains, to more intricate items such as carved tablets made from stone:

Azel Stone Tablet

But there is something any Panzer Dragoon fan can do: and that is make a custom wall scroll! Over at Custom Wall Scrolls you can take any of the beautiful art from the Panzer Dragoon series and make yourself a custom fabric wall scroll; printed on high quality polyester!

Here is an example of one that I recently made:

Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel Wall Scroll

The results may vary, so try to pick a large high quality image. Try it out and display something you’re passionate about!