Bluesky is Now a Primary Panzer Dragoon Legacy Channel

Bluesky is Now a Primary Panzer Dragoon Legacy Channel
By Solo Wing

From today, we're making the social network Bluesky a primary channel of Panzer Dragoon Legacy and will be publishing all of our content there. Follow on Bluesky for updates!

With Bluesky’s recent announcement that posts will now be viewable to the public, we’ve decided to promote Bluesky to one our primary content channels.

Follow on Bluesky

Why yet another platform? We think Bluesky represents a healthy future for the open web. Bluesky uses the AT Protocol, with user accounts that will be portable between different services and won’t be tied to any particular server. Opening up of the network to other services begins in 2024.

Bluesky remains invite only for now (in order to post), however we have a few spare invite codes, so get in touch with us on social media if you’re interested in joining.

Our other primary channels include Mastodon, X, Facebook, Discord, and this website. While we think Bluesky is a great choice for receiving updates, regardless of which social network you choose all of the news and contributions that we share will continue to be available on any of these primary channels.