A New Approach to How We Share Contributions

A New Approach to How We Share Contributions
By Solo Wing

Traditionally we’ve always posted new art and other content that fans contribute as news updates here on the front page of Panzer Dragoon Legacy. However, the way in which people consume content has changed considerably (“social media” didn’t even exist when I founded this site in 2002). Many people only follow us on social media now instead of checking the website for updates.

Today we’re introducing a new approach to how contributions are shared. We’ll now post art and other contributions directly to three social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. Instead of following along on the Panzer Dragoon Legacy website, you can follow us on any of these three platforms for new content.

We have also set up a new Instagram page; like our YouTube channel, Instagram will be used for media updates, so be sure to follow on Instagram if you want to see our content there.

And then there are those of us who like to get updates the old school way: manually checking a website without all the noise of social media. Panzer Dragoon Legacy has always featured every new contribution here on it’s front page. Now, new contributions will become visible in a Contributions Feed instead. This will allow us to share contributions faster, without the ceremony of a news update to go with it. We may post a summary of new contributions from time to time, but the primary way of seeing which contributions are new will be to check the feed.

We encourage you to follow along on whatever channel suits your style of consumption.