Crimson Dragon: Side Story - Story Mode - World 2

Official text extracted from Crimson Dragon: Side Story.

The mysterious dragon seems to have used a geyser to launch itself into flight above the atmosphere. We’ve pro projected its touchdown point as the forest region. Track down the enemy and destroy it.

Analysis of a tissue sample from an indigenous dragon has confirmed the creature is a carrier of Crimsonscale Disease.

Judging from several eyewitness reports, it seems the dragon we’ve been chasing “attacked” this victim multiple times in a very strange way. Not trying to capture it or injure it… Rather, it seemed to be searching for something.

There’s another thing to worry about.

The Draco lake district is dotted with geysers. They exist where Draco’s inner core, known as Tir Norl, is exposed to the outer strata, and have been known to blast hot water jets almost into the stratosphere.

According to the eyewitness reports from the camps bordering the lake district, the unknown dragon has been using these geysers to shoot itself high into the sky and soar for miles.

It seems plausible. Indeed, if it’s rocketing up to near the stratosphere and gliding down to the ground from there, it would explain how it’s been dodging the Seekers’ surveillance network.

Examination of a geyser opening has revealed heavy traces of Crimsonscale Disease, quite possibly left behind by the indigenous dragon. The infection can be traced from here along a waterway to the forest region.

This is a major breakthrough. We may well be on the verge of discovering the route by which Crimsonscale Disease spreads – something that’s eluded us until now.

I’ve left the clean-up operation of the lake district to a decontamination squad while I chase further evidence down.

Mission Start

Forest Area