Crimson Dragon: Side Story - Story Mode - World 1

Official text extracted from Crimson Dragon: Side Story.

There have been reports of an unidentified indigenous dragon in the lake district, spreading Crimsonscale Disease in its wake. Pursue this feral beast and investigate, culling any creatures that may have been infected as you go.

I’m Sana.

It’s my job to protect this region from hostile dragons and to train new dragonriders such as yourself.

I won’t kid you. Life out here is hard, and harder still for dragonriders. You’ve heard that the White Phantom is back. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid him, there’s plenty other things in the sky that can kill you.

I’ve been assigned a special mission related to a recent incident.

A few days ago, we had a minor outbreak. It started out small, but soon a Crimsonscale pandemic took hold, and in no time, several of the outlying camps were wiped out.

I’ve been investigating the the site of the Crimsonscale outbreak and it’s unclear what the cause was. I’m afraid it might be something we haven’t seen yet, some unknown native dragon.

The beast appears to be making its way all over Draco. I say “appears to,” because whatever it’s made of couldn’t be detected by our surveillance systems.

The only reason we even knew of its existence is because the creature was spotted near the devastated camps.

I don’t know what to make of this beast. The going theory is that the White Phantom is the primary vector for the disease, but I’m afraid this other creature might be performing the same function. The researchers at New Amara are looking into the situation, but they’ve given the Seekers new orders to locate, investigate, and then destroy the beast. I don’t feel good about this, but I’m heading to the Lake District…

Mission Start

Lake Area