Conversations with Siffle

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.

{Edge arrives at the Town of Zoah}


Passage to Juba’s

{Siffle} See the stairs next to the entrance to the town? Go up and look for the blue doors. Juba’s is closed in the daytime.

{Juba shows Edge the Picture Board}


{Siffle} I think Paet went to the machinery storage area. He’s usually there during the day.

Passage to Storage Area

{Siffle} Go through the passage, you’ll see a wall in front of you. Go right along the wall and go down the steps. That’s where the storage area is.

To the Passage

{Siffle} Climb the stairs next to the entrance of the town. Go straight, and you’ll see the passage.

{Edge is given a Pass to the Holy District}

Passage to Juba’s

{Siffle} Go up the stairs near the entrance of the town. You’ll see Juba’s place. Look for blue doors, but they might not be open yet.

Passage to Storage Area

{Siffle} First, go through the passage. You should see a wall. Go along the wall, go right, and go down some steps. That’s where the storage area is.

Passage to Vaiman’s house

{Siffle} Vaiman’s house is… let me see… Go through the passage by the church, and it’s to the right.

Passage to the Church

{Siffle} Go to the Holy District and you’ll see a storage area. The church is to the left. Look for the two blue pillars.