Leader's Note (Captain's Diary)

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.


19th day of 10th month


Two weeks have past since we came to the excavation site, accepting the Empire’s commission. They are desperately trying to find something. The director of this excavation site has been looking for over 20 years already. Crazy.


It appears that, once again, they have failed to find whatever it is they’re looking for. As always, we’re left in the dark.

25th day of 10th month


Thanks to that huge wind net, there’s no way a monster could get in here. This job is probably going to be easier than I first thought.


This evening, I talked with the director. Apparently only ‘smart’ folks can enter the Imperial Academy. He said enrolling in a normal school should be his first priority. I’ll talk to Edge.

8th day of 11th month


As always, nothing new at the excavation site, all they’ve dug up is ancient garbage. I talked to the director again. He says it’ll cost a lot of dynes just to enroll Edge in school.


I’m worried that there’s only a few good years left in me and I won’t be able to earn enough money to pay for Edge’s schooling.

20th day of 12th month


Why did I start writing this diary? It’s not like me at all. I guess it’s because of him. How many times have I told him that I think of him as my son? But I’ve never done anything that a parent would do.


Unlike me, barely literate, Edge is a smart kid. I want him to be enrolled in a school in the Empire. Being a mercenary in the middle of nowhere is not a job for an innocent boy.


After this job is done, I plan to take him to the Capital. I want to do more than write in my diary, I should start studying myself. I don’t want him to be ashamed of me when he grows up.


Will Edge ever call me… father?