Dragon Book 2 (Diary of the Dragon Rider - 2)

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.


32rd day of 10th month


Three days have passed since we left. Some people in a caravan were kind enough to share food and water with us. They also told us what they saw. They said the ancient airship was heading for the border, towards the Empire.


Why do I follow that airship? To be honest, I don’t know… Revenge? Well, perhaps at first… But something more draws me to it.


Revenge is not the only reason. I feel as if I have a mission to fulfill. I just cannot allow the ancient airship to reach its destination. As long as I have Lagi’s power, I must follow it.

2nd day of 11th month.


We were ambushed near the border. They used ancient weapons. The battle was completely different to anything I’ve experienced before. Vechiles that resembled monsters flew in the sky and their weapons blazed demonic flames.


It was like being in the middle of warring Gods, only the combatants were people. Even if the vechiles were hell spawn, the riders were still human. But I had to protect myself. I sent them all to fiery deaths. Without hesitation.


While fighting, I felt as if I became one with Lagi. There was no fear. I was filled only with a sense of duty. Was it really my will, or was it the dragon controlling me all along?


Lagi has developed another power. After the battle, Lagi began glowing. Then, suddenly, he shed his skin. My only guess is this is how dragons grow.

14th day of the 11th month


Above the forest, the Imperial Fleet attacked us. It wasn’t their weapons, or even their sheer numbers that frightened me. It was that I would be forced to kill even more people.


We escaped into the forest, but the creature I saw feasting on the charred corpses in my village waited for us there. Maybe the beast is connected with the ship somehow. I feel I am close.


After killing the monster, I entered an ancient ruin. Inside, hordes of hideous creatures attacked us like a hungry storm. We found an immense underground lake. Water may bring life, but here was only the smell of death.