Dragon Bible (The Book of the Dragon)

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.


Dragons are the Gods’ only other creation. Dragons were the only creation to escape the seductive madness of killing, and the only creation of the Gods did not leave behind.


At the End of Genesis, the Gods left the world. It was because the humans fought against one another defying the Gods’ wishes. Now people are subjected to judgement, and must walk the passage to death.


But a great evil began to feast on the living, denying them their rightful passage to judgement. Therefore, the Gods created a dragon, and released it into the human’s world.


The dragon is the hand of guidence, and also the eyes of the Judge. The dragon shall fly over people to display the Gods’ power, fight to defend the good, and destroy to end all wars.


The arrow of light that cannot be shielded, the shell that cannot be speared, and the wings that cannot tire. These are the powers of the dragon. All things from this world are powerless before the dragon.


If you ever gain the dragon’s grace, the arrow shall always be shot to the battlefield, the shell shall always shield the good, and the wings shall always appear spanning over the passage of hope.