Panzer Dragoon II Zwei "World" Document

An unofficial fan translation.

The “World” document from the Japanese Panzer Dragoon Zwei disc. It contains heaps of information that previously wasn’t translated, including information about Meccania, Lundi’s background, and the dragon. A must read!

The first three lines are reproduction/copyright kind of info, I can translate these if you really want me to.

Because of this you are a Panzer Doctor from today!


[Setting the Stage]

(1) Somewhere on a far away star. On that star 1 live humans whose life span has already begun to be exhausted. 1000 years ago civilization was in a golden age, now, the dusk (twilight2) of that age has passed for everybody.

(2) Now, this world has several nations , divided into remote villages. Called a nation, people live in scattered regions that aren’t large.

(3) In every place, ruins call out as the remains from a perished civilization linger on. 1000 years have passed as well, for the most part they work, the ruins continuing their existence. But, people already want that knowledge before it is lost. Furthermore, around the ruins exist machines and living things that indiscriminately attack people that try to approach, making it difficult to go near.

(4) Those creatures are called “Violent nature of living things3”. The have an exoskeleton, built in weapons and so on the materials of which become medicines, which can command a high price. As such in this world of “Violent nature of living things” there exists a special occupation called Hunter. Breeding captured “Violent nature of living things”, raising, has created tribes for this demand (the person is called a breeder).

(5) The former protagonist’s 4 occupation was a hunter of “Violent nature of living things” so Zwei’s protagonist is a breeder. He is a pro concerning “Violent nature of living things”.

(6) Lately, between the people rumours have been spreading about “Violent nature of living things” attacking village districts one after another wiping them out. Just what is going on?

[About the Ancient Age]

(1) Far away on this star the ruins of the former civilization survive. That periods civilizations function when summarized, this is called by the people the “Ancient Age”5. That ages experiences are now myths and legends that they tell.

(2) The foundation of the Ancient Ages’ civilization is the fusion of machines and living organisms, “Living Weapons6” that call out to people to the origins of the gene reconstructed unmanned weapons. Now, a part of the “Living Weapons” have lost their original function, influenced by the wild, also those exist which have evolved in another direction. The other machines variety is created from the same technology, used for the outside of the space ships engine7 and the troops use living organism armour plating for their outward appearance.

(1) Now, we will explain the use for Ancient Age engine (gravity suppression device). Simply, concerning the systems black box. Also, most Ancient Age engines use living body8 parts, there is no need for fine adjustments.

(2) The majority of the “Living Weapons” around the heart of the Empire were repulsed, the continents north region being called “Prohibited Ground”, the robust “Living Weapons” have made it their breeding ground, the Imperial forces deal with those that try to approach. However, here Ancient Age ruins remain in great numbers. Previous production “Tower” of the Ancient Age remains, the Imperial countries forces in a campaign for dominance to hasten the revival. Simply, nothing is known about that “Tower”’s function…

(1) Previous work of OP of the ruins of Episode 4. And now the the production Episode 4’s underground plant which is a relic of the Ancient Age. You do not understand something was done here, a precaution system of Guard Robots in great numbers was this the munitions site? Now that puzzle is only a part of the knowledge the Imperial scientists are trying to acquire…

[About the Empire]

(2) Usage of the Ancient Age technology. That which is previously lost is being resurrected, by the power acquired by the Emperor. The ruins within their possession are mined, the uses (of the items) researched, to successfully revive the relics of the Ancient Age in the present day. That strength is used in connection with their military affairs, the battleship soaring through the sky, moving over the land at high speed with new weapons being developed one after another, that message of power kept spreading.

(3) However, it does not mean that they have perfected use of the Ancient Age weapons. 9 Here is an explanation of a part of their use (engine and attack weapon) so far the use of this weapon has not been improved. Still, the principle use can be explained, even if another cannot be built. You cannot explain why oil burns or change the existence of it, these things are the same.10

(4) The Empires weapons, are versions of weapons used in the Ancient Age but, the present height (of weaponry?) is (Gravity weapon and Optical weapon) management is difficult, more than restoring the bad condition. Still, being aware of the beauty is regarded as essential, the weapons beauty overtakes it function, reluctantly adorned with cloth, the crest placed, the original form still present.

(5) The front line fell with the use of the air battleship using weapons from the Ancient Age, after that, acting under the new Emperor the infantrymen occupied and in one go magnified the power of the Empire. 11 Of course, that doesn’t mean that another country wasn’t watching. The Imperial weapon developer is kidnapped, made to research ruins of the native land 12, one after another, weapons of the Ancient Age were sent to the battle lines.

(6) Presently neighbouring country Meccania is at the height of its weapons excavation concentrating its efforts on a concluding strike to the war, and, to maintain dominance it hurried the investigation of a large scale Ancient Age facility within its territory. That previous work was Panzer Dragoons “Tower”. This time, OP13 the Empire’s Emperor indicates that the “Boat” and the “Tower” crystallize the Ancient Age technology in the same way. Simply, only the Imperial scientist knows a portion of this (guessing they’re talking about the knowledge hidden within them)

[About Meccania]

(1) The united nation in the Southern part of the continent with power. The senate which consists of representatives of each tribe has grasped power. So that they oppose the Empire, Ancient Age research is advancing. However, the matter of their engine adjustment is far from complete; they have not reached the level of the first class aerial battleship of the Emperor. (The Empires large-scale engine adjustment has already been completed.) This Empire has an overwhelming difference in power to another part of the Empire, the minor country to the South, Meccania.

(2) Then, they situation changed suddenly. Within Meccania territory perfectly functioning attack equipment was excavated from the ruins. A torpedo attack14 (optics) weapon was successfully restored. Because of that, the balance of power became evenly matched and at the present time Meccania is at its prime.

(3) Episode 2 is set on the border, reports of “Living Weapons” exterminating passers by leading them into a trap have been told. Lundi is caught in a trap by (with?) the Meccania troops and is chased by the border defense guards mounted soldiers.15

(4) The mounted soldier Pao (Episode 2s neighbouring border tent leader) lived??, “Living Weapons” (Here called Kabuto Crab) without being attacked because of the unpleasant smell of the fragrance stone.

(5) Meccania’s border defense guard company placement of mounted soldiers, successfully defend against the neighbouring Empire. Lundi’s Coolia training village is also here.

[About the Hero]

At the present time, this world has a few countries and many frontier villages. both the nations and mankind are scattered around the region wherever they can live.

The Hero is [Randi Jyan Jyakku16] (Lundi Jean-Jaques). Aged 14. The Southern Continent. Within the Meccania Federations sphere of influence. Here “Living Weapons” are bred, training them the job of the tribal villages. A particular village runs errands to a part of the nearby Ancient Age ruins, in this world there’s much travelling and it’s vital to rear riding and war beasts. In the Heros village, there’s one breeding person (Breeder), it’s especially important to excel at rearing Coolias.

[The above mentioned child, is still not a grown man] At 14, the Hero is still a juvenile. His weakness is that he finds it difficult to talk to other people, that has changed with a glimpse of the adult Coolia breeders.

His parents longed for a little girl, and gave him a girls name, small changes can dry up17. That may be the reason why he has trouble talking to other people. Only people who are extremely close to him may call him[Lundi]. Normally he is called [Jean].

Coolias and other bipedal beasts of burden are extremely difficult to raise. In this particular village Coolia are raised to become mounts for the Meccania cavalry. Compared to common beasts of burden, the ones used by the mounted cavalry are far superior.

One day, deformities began to be born on those breeding grounds. The origin of the war beasts is in “Living Weapons”, and soon ones started to be born that differed from their parents. Training became much more difficult, and, it was seen as a bad omen to have them in the grounds so the villages code was to kill them.

But the Hero was greatly drawn by his interest in these deformities. One with [wings] had been born. Just like the “Living Weapons” that the common people talked about in the legends concerning the Ancient Age, the deformed one he was rearing looked like a [Dragon].

14 years old. This period is a defiant phase, it’s adolescense and the bridge between childhood and becoming an adult that is sweeping the Hero away.

And, so the tale begins…

[About “Lagi” Dragon?]

By profession the Hero knows about “Living Weapons”, his knowledge about the Ancient Age ruins being far greater than that of general people. He sees the deformity as as sign of the legend of the Dragon so he has no doubts that he should raise the pup.18

Here in the village, there has recently been a variety of (deformed) Coolia and many of the villages have deep misgivings of the matter. [People have put forward a variety of sucessful ideas, and as above all things they are seen as an ominous symbol, they are to be killed at birth on sight] So wothout question it became the villages law. The Hero is against the law causing him to rear the deformed Coolia in hiding.

[Ragi19] (Lagi) grew at several times the rate of the other Coolia and after a period of months was nearly an adult.

[Dragons] were the Ancient Ages weapons of war, a variation on the “Living Weapons”. Simply, if it is compared with the other mass produced “Living Weapons”, the Dragon lineage was a trail manufacture, so only a limited number of units were produced. Still, they were used for many purposes on the battlefield, because of its role guarding people they are inserted with consideration, their many additional functions hidden from view by their diverse forms.

Such information concerning the Dragon has been heard by the Empire although they have not been able to clarify it, not to mention the story all the more empowers the civilians.20


  1. Translates as “star”, but it’s not literal. 

  2. I have no idea why they felt the need to write dusk, and then insist on (twilight) in brackets as well. 

  3. Yuck! Can’t get this to feel right - any suggestions? Would people prefer it if I left them called “kougekisagaseibutsu”? 

  4. Can also be treated as “hero” and this kind of context. 

  5. Horribly stilted, but pretty accurate :/ 

  6. Formerly know as “Attacking Nature of Living Things” - see 3. “Living Weapons” suggested by Lance Way. ^^ 

  7. Triple checked that, and it does say space! I’m guessing they just fancied some flowery language - see 1. :S 

  8. “living body” is literal - I’m assuming (hoping!) they’re talking about monster parts. 

  9. Might also be “sole use of…” will double check later :) 

  10. Needs sorting! Something along those lines though - can anyone help? 

  11. Have to clarify - new Emperor? New war? 

  12. His native land? The opposing countries native land, I’m assuming. 

  13. OP? OPening movie? 

  14. Lit. “Raigeki” - “Thunder attack”. 

  15. DON’T quote me on this section - I’m tired and it’s not working very well. I think it’s the other way around too - humans trapping monsters not the way I’ve currently written it. 

  16. Kept for posterity, and so non-Japanese readers know how his name is literally spelt. 

  17. Appears to be a Japanese saying, as I’ve seen it in totally separate articles, but I can find the translation :S 

  18. Although the text doesn’t explicitly say “the pup/Coolia, etc” I couldn’t just leave it as “He should be raising.”. I’d sell my granny if it turned out to be something else, though :) 

  19. Like Randi Jyan Jyakku, kept for posterity. 

  20. The kanji used for “story” here, makes it sound almost like a religious foretelling rather than just an old wives tale, and where I’ve used “empowered” the original Japanese states “convert”, again to further imply that the Dragon is more of a religious saviour than anything.