An unofficial fan translation.

The Panzer Dragoon series takes place over a period of more than eighty years. As a way of presenting the chronological order of these events, Team Andromeda created a timeline that was posted on their website. An unknown fan translated the timeline into English, which is what is shown below. It’s unknown how accurate the translation is, so it shouldn’t be regarded as hard “fact”. However, for the most part, it seems to be consistent with the events described in Panzer Dragoon Orta’s Pandora’s Box. The original Japanese version of the timeline can still be viewed in the Internet Archive.


Imperial Foundation Period

80 B.F (Before Foundation)
At this time, the tribe that would become the Empire washed ashore the Continental Coast, the Invading Creatures (rogue biomechanical monsters) were driven back, and the tribe began to reclaim the land.
The Empire’s founder removed the Invading Creatures from the ancient ruins, and returned control to the hands of humans. Afterwards, they used the equipment inside the ruins and declared mankind’s restoration of human rights, and established that year as year “0” of the Imperial Foundation of the Empire.
5 A.F. (After Foundation)
The excavation of the ancient ruins and the Empire’s sphere of influence has expanded. People begin to collect in the Imperial City.
6 A.F.
A herd of Invading Creatures attack the Imperial City. However, the Empire quickly get a handle on the situation, and unearth an “Old Century” weapon, and send it into battle.
7 A.F.
The Academy begins its classified research on the Old Century and ancient ruins. The equipment for this research is constructed inside the royal palace. Research on anengine begins for an antigravity craft.
15 A.F.
The Founder dies. The 2nd Emperor ascends the throne.
16 A.F.
Anti-Invading Creatures War. This is the 2nd time the Imperial City is under attack. The Imperial Army defeats the Invading Creatures again.
20 A.F.
The 2nd Emperor dies in battle. The 19-year old crown prince inherits the throne. His mourning begins the same time as the antigravity craft is effectively put to practicaluse and weapon development standardized. Afterwards, the Empire’s Space Battleship, the symbol of the Empire, is created.
29 A.F.
The Space Battleship participates in its first battle. The guardian of the ancient ruins is destroyed.
35 A.F.
The 3rd emperor announces his candidacy to the Empire, and declared his rights. His grandfather was the Founder of the Empire, who standardized the excavation of the ruins and initiated the declaration of rights begun 35 years ago. At the same time a member of the Imperial family from the Old Century declares that the ancient ruins are completely theirs.
35 on
There is opposition from the outer regions to the Empire’s declaration of the possession of the ancient ruins. A small skirmish ensues.

Imperial Territorial Expansion Period

39 A.F.
The Invading Creatures’ attack the Oasis National Army, which fights a desperate battle until the Imperial Army rescues them by invading the battlefield.
43 A.F.
Oasis is annexed to Did.
45 A.F.
Oasis is annexed to Li Vis.
46 on
Small skirmishes, annexations, and invasions of Neighbouring nations continue.
48 A.F.
The 3rd emperor dies. The 4th emperor ascends the throne. However, the Empire’s power in the 4th era is weaker, so the real power lies with the Imperial Army and the Academy.
49 A.F.
The 4th emperor dies of an illness. The 5th emperor ascends the throne, but dies in an accident involving the Old Century engine.
52 A.F.
The brother of the 3rd emperor ascends the throne (making him the 6th emperor).
55-56 A.F.
The Imperial Army’s begins to search for the ancient ruins. In later years, they understand that the ancient ruins they were searching for contained something called “The Tower.” From that day forward, they dedicate themselves to searching for The Tower.
69 A.F.
The Empire announces that the Space Battleship was hijacked in the Oasis Federation cityof Meccania. Many years later, evidence is discovered that the Empire is using the hijacking ruse as a front to invade.
70 A.F.
In retaliation for the hijacking, the Imperial Army began to invade Meccania. There is an outbreak of violence on Meccania.

Imperial Prosperity Period


71 A.F.
A giant Old Century ship, Shelcoof, is found flying between Meccania and Elpis. Shelkcoof flees to a remote region from the Empire after its destruction of Meccania. At the same appears.
72 A.F.
The ascendancy of Meccania. At the same time, the Dragoon’s forays begin.
82 A.F.
The 6th Emperor dies. The 7th Emperor ascends the throne.
85 A.F.
The Tower is discovered. The Empire’s investigation begins. The result of this investigation identified that the ancient ruins had a deep connection with the Dragoon. The investigation continues.


89 A.F.
Experimentation on The Tower begins. At the same time, there is a 2nd encounter with the Dragoon. Immediately, the Empire’s Space Battleship is dispatched but defeated. In response to the dragoon, the Invading Creatures appear from the Tower, and the city is engulfed in flame. Deathbed of the Empire.
90 A.F.
The Imperial Army’s reorganization plan and the city’s reconstruction begins. Grigorig starts reconstruction. The Royal Palace was damaged by the Dragon, and Grigorig is named the new site for the palace. After completion, the Emperor takes up residence in Grigorig.


91 A.F.
A new institution is made for national restoration. During this time, a temporary tax is created, and a heavy tax is levied across the land.
99 A.F.
A report regarding the connection between The Tower and the Dragoon is submitted. At the same time, the excavation of a weapon begins at a site near the remote region.
100 A.F.
Grigorig is completed.
102 A.F.
Unable to endure the Empire’s heavy tax, rebellions frequently occur from this period forward. However, the Empire brings this rebellion under control. The rumor of the Dragoon, who defeated the Empire, begins to spread.
110 A.F.
Special No. 0 Bullet-Emitter experiment fails catastrophically. The Imperial City disappears.
119 A.F.
Outbreak of rebellion on Kremain.
120 A.F.
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123 A.F.
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