Bible 2 (The Book of End)

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.


In the world left behind by the Gods, we must endure the pain of life. It is our punishment for the mistakes humans have made. To regain the glory of the Gods, we must receive judgment after the passage which leads us to death.


If the passage leads to hope for the Gods, the dying one shall enter the Forest of Blessings. In the forest there should be no pain of life, no impurities of the human world, and all things shall give with all their heart.


If the passage does not lead to hope for the Gods, the dying one shall return to the human world, reborn. Unless the correct passage is taken, he shall continue to endure the pain, and he shall again taste the darkness of death.


Once everyone has regained hope, and entered the Forest of Blessings, the human world shall end. The world shall return to nothingness, and the people, put in the Forest of Blessings, shall create the new world.


The day this innocent world is created shall be the Genesis. The Gods shall return and again watch the world. They will bring glory and happiness to all. It is a day without an end, and the paradise promised to us.