Conversations with Juba

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.

{Edge arrives at the Town of Zoah}


About the Empire

{Juba} Talk about the Empire, did ya hear about the black ship?
{Edge} A black ship? Is it nearby?
{Juba} Not so loud, eh? It’s only a rumor. They’re looking for the Tower.
{Edge} The Tower?
{Juba} One of the ruins, they say, is on the other side of the forest. If ya wanna know more, ask Paet.
{Edge} Is he around?
{Juba} He works here in the Liberal District. He roams around outside the gates. He’s an odd guy, tinkering with relics all the time. The other day, he created something called a recording machine. He made a picture of the Tower. Here, take a look.

{Picture Board x1}

{Juba} I’ll give that to ya, and you can ask him yourself. He’ll be here in the morning.

About the Empire

{Juba} I heard there’s a conflict within the Empire. Their own ships are shooting each other down.

About the Town of Zoah

{Juba} A forest without monsters is like paradise, ya know. Especially if those guys from the Holy District aren’t around.

About the Liberal District

{Juba} Settlers weren’t allowed in the Holy District, so they all decided to remain here.

About Jubas

{Juba} About Jubas over there… well… The customers ain’t gonna come back if there ain’t women ‘round. Why don’t you ask her out? If you think you can handle her.

About the Holy District

{Juba} A Holy District is for holy folks. We got no business in there.

About the ‘Guardian Fire’

{Juba} The Guardian Fire lights up the town at night. It keeps the monsters away. It’s located in the Holy District. I figure that only the High Priest gets to see it. He’s got his Guardian Fire, I’ve got my illuminating drinks.

About the High Priest

{Juba} The Council rules this town, and the High Priest runs the Council. Basically, he controls Zoah.

About the Seekers

{Juba} How can the seekers desecrate the ruins the way they do? Don’t they fear the Gods? They know about the Ancient Age, but they’re asking for trouble.

{Paet shows Edge the way to Uru}

About Uru

{Juba} Go ahead, ask me about Uru. I was born there, ya know.
{Edge} What? You lived near the ruins?
{Juba} Ya never heard the story, kid? There was a huge town in Uru. The town got water from the ruins, but the water kept rising. Now, everything is underwater.
{Edge} What can you tell me about the ruins?
{Juba} I really don’t know much about them.
{Edge} You told me to ask you anything.
{Juba} Nobody knows about the ruins. It’s surrounded by walls of rock. You might be crazy enough to try and scale the wall, but you’ll be easy prey for the beasts that live there.

About Uru

{Juba} If you want to go past the cliffs, you’re gonna need to find a path. If one exists…

{Disc 3}

About the Seekers

{This is possibly readable on disc 2}

{Juba} I’ll give ya some advice, son. Don’t get friendly with them seekers, except when you’re doing business with ‘em, ya know.

About Uru

{Juba} I hear the Tobitamas have returned to the lake. I think it has something to do with the water level rising.

About Tobitama

{Juba} Tobitamas are strange birds. At a young age, the young fly away. If all of the young return to the nest at the same time, they abandon it.

{The Empire invades Zoah}

About Jubas

{Juba} I’ve lost lots of customers ‘cuz of the Empire. Why not let ‘em take over this town? At least the troops would buy drinks.

{Edge meets Vaiman}

About the Dragon

{Juba} I heard that Paet’s father had a vision that a dragon came and attacked the Empire. Sounds crazy, don’t ya think?

{The Imperial airforce base is destroyed}

About the Empire

{Juba} I heard that a huge fleet is coming. I don’t think they will come to this town anymore. We’ve got the dragon here, ya know.

About the Dragon

{Juba} I never thought Paet’s father’s prophesy would come true.

{After argument between high priest and Vaiman}

About the High Priest

{Juba} Did ya hear that Paet’s dad is the new High Priest?