Conversations with Abner

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.

{Edge arrives at the Town of Zoah}


Passage to Juba’s

{Abner} If you want some drinks, go to the stairs next to the entrance of the town. Go up and it’s the blue door.

{Juba shows Edge the Picture Board}


{Abner} He won’t be back until morning. He’s got buisness to tend to In the Holy District.

Passage to Storage Area

{Abner} Go through the passage, and you’ll see a wall. Go right along the wall. I don’t think anyone is there now.

To the Passage

{Abner} The passage is next to Juba’s.

{Edge is given a Pass to the Holy District}

Passage to Vaiman’s house

{Abner} I’m not quite sure, but I hear there’s a passage next to the entrance of the church. Go through it and turn right.

Passage to the Church

{Abner} Go through this gate, and there’s a storage area ahead. To the left is the church. There are blue pillars on each side of the entrance.