Conversations with Zadoc

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.

{Edge arrives at the Seekers’ Stronghold}


About the ‘Divine Visitor’

{Zadoc} We knew something would appear to free us from the Tower’s will. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered what would save us. Your dragon is our salvation.

About the Dragon

{Zadoc} Dragons were created to protect the Towers. But yours has a different purpose. He was created to destroy the Towers.

About Azel

{Zadoc} We must reactivate her carefully or she could die of shock.

About the Ancient Age

{Zadoc} The will of the Ancient Age still binds our world.

About the Monsters

{Zadoc} These monsters explicitly follow orders from the Towers. When they attack, it’s best to be somewhere else.

About the Empire

{Zadoc} The Empire originated from a group of seekers who sought the power to destroy Sestren. As their power grew, they became corrupted by greed and they forgot their original purpose. It was this power that caused them to become evil.

About the Seekers

{Zadoc} We have villages similar to this one scattered throughout the world. Each village is an excavation site for researching the ancient ruins.

About Gash

{Zadoc} “Shadow Eye” is the title given to the one who leads this village. His potential and his identity are always hidden.

About the Town of Zoah

{Zadoc} I’ve researched the Guardian Fire. There’s an ancient record of a similar find. Here, read this.

{Memory Report x1}

About the Town of Zoah

{Zadoc} I heard Paet of Zoah assembled an airship all by himself. That’s an incredible feat for such a young man.

{Gash explains to Edge the Seekers’ purpose}

About Sestren

{Zadoc} It’s the place that controls all of the Towers. If your dragon can destroy Sestren, the world will be free from the evils of the Ancient Age.

About the Tower

{Zadoc} The Tower also acts as a path to Sestren. Azel is our only hope.

{Azel wakes up from unconsciousness}

About Azel

{Zadoc} In order to control the Towers, she was given superior intellect. As a side effect, she gained human emotions.

{Grig Orig attacks the Seekers’ Stronghold}

About Grig Orig

{Zadoc} If you wish to attack Grig Orig, approach it from the forest. Watch out for the Arangata, they are tightening their air defenses.

About the Arangata

{Zadoc} Arangata are rooting themselves in the forest. If you fly above them, they’ll block your path. If you attack their roots first, you will weaken them.

{Azel runs away from the Seeker’s Stronghold}

About Azel

{Zadoc} Azel vanished during the battle. She is probably headed for Uru.
{Edge} What makes you say that?
{Zadoc} Uru is the origin of our world, and it’s the homeland of the drones.
{Edge} Drones… Synthetic humans, like Azel?
{Zadoc} Actually, drones are not human, but you are correct. There is a drone plant buried deep beneath Uru.

About Azel

{Zadoc} She must return to the plant beneath Uru in order to survive.

About the Drones

{Zadoc} Creations of the Ancient Age appeared in the form of humans. They had the power to synchronize and control other creatures.

About the Empire

{Zadoc} The Emperor has died, and the Imperial fleet has been destroyed The Empire is now powerless…

About the Seekers

{Zadoc} The fires will continue to consume the forest for quite some time. It’s dangerous to stay here.

{The Seekers abandon their village.}

About the Monsters

{Zadoc} Monsters in the wild are fierce, mindless savages. The Tower can unleash monsters who attack as an organized force. …like the ones that attacked here.

About the Seekers

{Zadoc} The majority of the people have already abandoned the village. I will stay behind as long as you need me.