Crimson Dragon: Side Story - Story Mode - World 3

Official text extracted from Crimson Dragon: Side Story.

It’s commonly understood that under the surface, Planet Draco consists of numerous thin, strata-like layers called Tir Norl. The indigenous dragon has fled somewhere within these layers of rock. Go after it!

I’ve traced a path for the infection that originated with the mysterious indigenous creature. It follows a path through the roots of trees in the forest region and down beyond, into different parts of the Draco underground.

Perhaps at its conclusion, the trail will lead us to the source of Crimsonscale Disease itself. If so, we may be able to unravel the mysteries of the disease, and it is not unrealistic to imagine we may even be able to develop a reliable cure for it. This would save the lives of many Draco inhabitants.

But… if that did happen, our ongoing plans for Draco would all be rendered pointless. That’s not a desirable outcome…

Urgh! I actually made myself shudder with that last thought.

Not desirable?

What am I saying? Since when is saving people’s lives undesirable? If our aim is “to preserve the peace and happiness of the many,” then even if we are talking about people back home…

And that’s when it happened.

The surface of the water at my feet slowly parted, and there was a dragon whose visage I’d never seen before.

I was shocked, and all I could do was stand there as it slowly drew closer to me. With an inquisitive look, it studied me all over.

For some strange reason, I didn’t feel threatened. There was too little distance between us for fear to intrude. Its expression too calm… and too hurt.

Drops of water spilled and fell from its eyes. They looked for all the world like tears. Without thinking, I held out my hand. I just felt that if I touched it, I’d understand whatever it wanted to tell me.

But I didn’t manage to make contact. My mount must have taken my action as a sign that I was in danger and attacked it.

The dragon spread his wings and took flight in order to avoid a battle. Back to the abyss. We flew in pursuit.

Mission Start

Underground Maze