How to Contribute

Panzer Dragoon Legacy would not be possible without the collective efforts of Panzer Dragoon fans throughout the world. Below are some ways that you can contribute to this effort. Before doing so, please read our short contribution policy.


Our Contribution Policy

While we consider adding a wide range of contributions, the following guidelines should be considered before you share new content to be put on the website. As a general rule, we accept contributions which are complimentary to commercial products (from Sega or other companies) and do not directly compete with them.

  • We will accept: fan art, screenshots, video footage of the games, audio tracks not found on official soundtracks, out-of-print magazine scans, art or text samples extracted from the games or books.
  • We will reject: ISOs/ROMs of the games, full page scans of guidebooks or in-print magazines, digital copies of commercially available soundtracks.

If you’re sharing content on behalf of another contributor, permission must be obtained to use the content before it is posted on the Panzer Dragoon Legacy website and social media. The contributor can then be properly acknowledged and the content linked to their contributor profile.

Four Ways to Contribute

Create New Content

We’re always interested in seeing your Panzer Dragoon fan creations. If you have some new Panzer Dragoon content to share, please post it on our forum or tag us on social media (public posts only please; new content suggestions via email or private message are difficult to track). While we add new content to Panzer Dragoon Legacy regularly, it’s a carefully curated archive, so we won’t post everything shared with us on the website.

For general documentation of the Panzer Dragoon series, making edits to Panzer Dragoon Wiki directly is now the preferred approach, rather than submitting articles to us.

Support us on Patreon

If you don’t have the time to contribute new content to the website, there is the option to help us out financially instead. You can support us on Patreon by contributing some money each month. Our yearly costs are US$312.06 to cover web hosting, automated backups, and our domain name. All donations go towards these costs and will not influence the content of the website.

Sign Up With Our Web Host

If you’re thinking of signing up for web hosting with our web host, Digital Ocean, please use the following referral link. We earn credit which goes towards paying the site’s hosting fees when you spend money there. Everyone who joins via the referral link gets free credit. Once you’ve spent money on Digital Ocean, we’ll also get credit.

Submit a Pull Request

The source code for the Panzer Dragoon Legacy website is available on GitHub. If you have the ability to code we welcome pull requests for fixes and other small improvements. For larger improvements, please discuss the implementation on the Panzer Dragoon Legacy Discord or forum.